We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.

Case Stories

Our equipment has been used on many different types of rigs and in many countries around the world. Envi systems are installed in cold places like north of Sweden and Siberia in the north to very warm and humid places like Kuwait and Singapore. Systems have been installed on geotechnical drill rigs, Diamond core drill rigs, Jet grouting rigs and Well drill rigs.

The world of Envi

Drill data recording

We have installed our data loggers for recording drill data on a variety of drill rigs. Our main focus when developing the G1 system has been to develop a system for geotechnical drill rigs but the system is just as useful on well rigs and other rigs for production drilling. Read the full story on Drill Data Recording.

Soil behavior investigations

We have delivered state of the art CPT probes (our brand name Memocone) all over the globe. They are in opration from northern Scandinavia with a harsh cold climate to warm and humid regions like Singapore, Malaysia and Sudan. Continue reading the story.


We have delivered several 20 ton pushers to customers all over the world. The pusher is a robust and simple machine mainly used to push CPTu probes. It is appreciated all over the world for it's ease of use. Continue reading the story.