We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.


Introducing Envi vane shear test system!

We are proud to introduce our new Vane shear test system. The system consists of a unit that is above ground and a probe that measures torque In Situ. You can run the system as a traditional vane system with torque measurement above ground, but you can (and should) also use the probe that we call Memovane™ for measuring torque directly on the vane [...] Read more

Vane Shear Test system

Envi’s new Vane Shear Test system is now ready for preorder. Deliveries will start by end of this year. The system, measures above ground as well as in situ. The torque transducer is placed just above the vane so rod friction on that short rod is neglectible. Initially data registered in situ is only saved in probe memory and can not be viewed in [...] Read more

Memocone IIIu+

More accurate pore pressure readings. Equally robust as the earlier Memocone III. New silicone based pore pressure transducer gives higher accuracy and better stability in readings. Cross talk between readings for point resistance and pore pressure are eliminated. For best result with the new sensor type a new type of grease is recommended when [...] Read more

G1™ Keypad

The new keypad for controlling Envi logger systems is mainly intended for the G1 system for drill data recording. The keypad will make it a lot easier and faster to control and maneuver the G1 system. The keypad is equipped with ten buttons. Two of those are dedicated for generating commands for START, PAUS and STOP. The other eight buttons are [...] Read more

Temperature logging

Envi Memocone™ CPTu penetrometer is now available with temperature logging as option extra. You can order new Memocones with temperature logging included but also send in your old Memocone for upgrade. If your Memocone lacks inclinometer you can also add that at the same time for special package discount price. Since the CPTu zero value is now used [...] Read more

Reseller for Pagani rigs and accessories

We are glad to announce that we now are reseller for Pagani rigs and other products. Pagani and Envi have had a co-operation for many years regarding instrumentation and CPT cones. Now we take another step to be a complete supplier for systems referring static and dynamic testing. For more information go to Products or the Pagani homepage.

BAT equipment now avaliable from Envi

From the first of August Envi is official reseller for BAT products. We will sell all their products such as BAT MkIII Filter Tips, BAT Piezometer, BAT Pareameter and BAT Groundwater sampler. For more information go to Products or the BAT homepage.

Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) have bought several “Envi Logger G1™” for their new drill rigs

Envi has been selected as supplier by Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) for delivering drill data loggers to three new eight wheel drill rigs from Geomachine with an option for another three rigs. We have also delivered a replacement system on an older drill rig and a GM200 rig (see picture). “Envi Logger G1” was mounted on all five [...] Read more

Envi Resistivity/Conductivity probe evaluated by Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

NGI has done a pilot evaluation of Envi's Resistivity/Conductivity probe with excellent results. The outcome of the evaluation has been presented in a report and you can find more information on the NGI homepage. For more information about our probes please see our Products page.

Bergwerk ASSE buys “Envi Logger G1™” for their DE140 diamond core drill

When Bergwerk ASSE purchased new diamond core drill rig from Sandvik a drill data logger was required to monitor the drilling procedure. “Envi Logger G1™” was selected after being recommended by Sandvik as best choice. Drilling is done around 1000 meters below surface in a closed down salt mine used for final storage of nuclear waste near Essen in [...] Read more