We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.


Vane Shear Test system

Envi’s new Vane Shear Test system is now ready for preorder. Deliveries will start by end of this year.

The system, measures above ground as well as in situ. The torque transducer is placed just above the vane so rod friction on that short rod is neglectible. Initially data registered in situ is only saved in probe memory and can not be viewed in real time. After finishing the test(s) at one location the probe is retracted and data is downloaded to the PC in the same way as for the Memocone.

To be able to get real time data the torque is also measured above ground surface, in same way as for a traditional vane system. To do this you need an engine, gear box and torque measure device. In addition you need rods and a vane or several vanes of different size. Since our system measures torque in situ a slip coupling is not required, but may be used.

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