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Envi 20 ton cone penetrometer pusher

Our CPT pusher unit is a perfect choice if you need 20 ton pusher capacity from a small and flexible yet affordable unit. The pusher is small enough to be transported on a pick-up truck or on a trailer. The anchoring system operated by two persons will anchor the pusher in all types of soils. The two hydraulic cylinders have a stroke of > 1 m so you can push 1 meter rods in one stroke. The pusher is manufactured in Sweden. This pusher is the second generation pusher sold by Envi. It succeeds the successful pusher manufactured in Thailand that was earlier resold by Envi.

The 20 ton Pusher unit The 20 ton Pusher unit - field operation

Technical Specification

The hydraulic power pack has a 12
hp Honda engine and a Turolla
SNP2NN hydraulic gear pump.

pusher2014_engine The 20 ton Pusher unit


Honda GX390
11,7 HP / 8,7 kW
Max effect at 3600 rpm
Max torque (26,4 Nm) at 2500 rpm

Hydraulic pump

Turolla Open Circuit Gear
SNP2NN/011 RN01BA P1C3C3 NNNN/NNNNN 21 JLY09     00444
Max nominal/operation pressure 250 Bar
Max pressure peak 280 Bar
Displacement 10,8 cm3/rev
Max rotation 4000 rpm gives Max flow ~ 43 litre/minute

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