We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.

Penetrometers and dataloggers for CPT and SPT

We produce loggers and probes for soil behavior investigations. We have loggers for reading data from different probes and also for SPT soundings. We have probes for CPTu with optional seismic and resistivity/conductivity add ons. We also have a probe for lime column penetration test. More probe types are scheduled to be put to market during 2011 and 2012. Keep an eye on our homepage for more info about this.



For soil behavior investigations our loggers C1 and CS1 can be used with all our probe types. The logger units link the probe to the PC.

In real time data is either received by the logger from a cable or from our wireless acoustic data transfer system. C1 is for probes only but CS1 is ready for logging data also for SPT test.

CPTu Penetrometers

corded319 We develop and manufacture fully digital CPTu probes with a couple of optional add-ons:
  1. Seismic add-on
  2. Resistivity add-on
The CPT comes as corded and wireless. Our probes are easy to use since no calibration prior to each sounding is required. Our slot filter makes preparation easy and fast.