We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.

CPTu probes

Memocone CPTu Cone Penetrometer is the Envi CPTu probe. Unlike early mechanical cone penetrometers, the Memocone is a electronic CPTu cone, and fully digital. For your convenience we have made available a more detailed description about our CPTu equipment, as well as a tutorial on the Cone Penetration Test as a testing method.

Corded CPT

When you use this version you need to have a wire from probe up to logger unit on ground surface. Advantages are that data is continuously sent to surface and that you need no batteries. It may also be an advantage if you want to piggy back units from different vendors

Cordless CPT

The advantage of using this version is that you need no wire connecting the probe with the logger on ground surface. The unit is powered by batteries which can be regarded as a drawback. However the batteries last for at least one full day! Disadvantage is that you can’t see e.g. inclination in real time during the push but on the other hand you can read the push force from your rig/pusher and deduce a lot from that.

Cordless acoustic

With this version you need no wire but you still have real time data allowing ground surface real time monitoring of all parameters. The acoustic system will send data acoustically from probe to surface. You need batteries but they work for a whole days work so it has little negative impact. You need a microphone mounted appropriately (not permanently) on your rig to be able to receive the acoustic signal from the probe. The microphone is easily mounted using our holder or by other means.

All Memocones fulfill highest requirements from standard organizations and comes with a slot filter instead of the regular porous filter. We can also deliver with porous filter but we promote the slot filter due to its’ many advantages. Envi was the first company to commercialize the slot filter and use it as standard for our probes. Since then other vendors have followed. The advantage with the slot filter is that it needs a lot less caution than the porous filter. You can prepare several in advance and store them without having to think about keeping them in vacuum or vertically when on cones etc. The slot filter is easily prepared for use also in the field.


CPT add-ons


Our seismic add-on can also be run stand-alone but that is not the common procedure. A triaxial accelerometer is used in current version. A digital oscilloscope is used to receive, record and present seismic waves (P and S waves). The add-on can be run together with the Memocone and is activated by a simple change of a switch. The seismic add-on works with the corded Memocone.


The resistivity add-on is piggy backed onto the Memocone. It is of the type with an array of four equally spaced rings (so called Wenner configuration). The diameter of this unit is 36 mm so it is the same as the Memocone and the rods. The resistivity add-on works with the cordless Memocone.


Spare parts and accessories

CPT oil

Envi recommend that our customers use Envi CPT oil for optimal measuring results. Our oil is temperature stable and 100% biologically degradable.

CPT grease

Envi recommend that our customers use Envi CPT grease for optimal measuring results. The grease is temperature stable. Developed for optimal CPT pore pressure readings.

Cone tip

Our slot filter point (right in picture) is unique. The cavity in the point is filled with grease and can be prepared easily out in the field and stored without any influences by the surrounding environments. The risk of losing saturation is minimal. We can also provide porous filter tips (left in picture).

O-ring kit

In this kit all o-rings necessary for maintenance are included. O-ring kit includes:

5 pcs
5 pcs
5 pcs
5 pcs
5 pcs
150 pcs

Spare part kit

In this kit all spare parts are included to be able to continue CPT testing. If you lose your battery plug or break the communication cable you can still continue to do the CPT test. It's our recommendation to always have a set of spares available in the field. Spare part kit includes:

Cone Tips
4 pcs
Friction sleeves
1 pcs
Battery plug
1 pcs
O-ring Kit
1 pcs
Communication cable
1 pcs