We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.


Our new generation loggers were launched during late 2009 to early 2010. We offer several types of loggers for different use varying from CPT to well drilling. Our loggers are used in conjunction with our Java based application software. The systems have automatic self-control and detect e.g. missing CAN sensors and report them in real time to user via application GUI. All our loggers are fully digital and a CAN bus is used for handling data communication. You can connect up to 64 sensors on the bus.

Logger types we currently have are:

Envi logger C1™

A logger used for CPTu and other types of probes but not suitable for logging drill data. The logger is IP54 (the box and the majority of the contacts are IP65). The unit is very small and easy to handle. It comes with a built in acoustic receiver so the microphone can be plugged directly into this unit.

Envi logger CS1™

This logger covers all that the C1 logger can offer. In addition you can install proximity switch on you SPT hammer and record hammer blows. This enables you to record all types of probe tests but also have a digital record of your SPT tests. It comes with a built in acoustic receiver so the microphone can be plugged directly into this unit.

Envi logger G1™

A logger for recording drill data (also known as MWD). This system has been installed on several types of rigs including geotechnical drill rigs, well drill rigs and diamond core drill rigs. All parts in this system are IP67 or better. You need a Laptop or equivalent to run application software and to have an interface for presentation..


G1™ Keypad

The new keypad for controlling Envi logger systems is mainly intended for the G1 system for drill data recording. The keypad will make it a lot easier and faster to control and maneuver the G1 system.

The keypad is equipped with ten buttons. Two of those are dedicated for generating commands for START, PAUS and STOP. The other eight buttons are mainly to be used for generating notes/comments but are also used during some dialogs for moving up and down in lists etc. The eight buttons for notes can be programmed individually to any desired note.

All components used in the keypad are IP67 and operation temperature is at least -20°C - +50°C