We produce fully digital systems for drill data recording and state of the art probes for soil behavior investigations.

Drill data recording

We produce a drill data recorder called Envi Logger G1 (short G1). The system can be mounted on any type of drill rig. The system is ready for all kinds of transducers. G1 is a fully digital system using CAN bus technology. It is rugged and weather proof and all contacts and boxes meet IP67. The system requires a PC for graphical user interface.


Diamond core drilling

For exploration drill rigs you typically want to measure drill distance, drill speed, RPM, pressures on rotation unit and cylinder, where both downfeed pressure and holdback pressure are recorded to get feed force. The system is very accurate and depth is measured with a high resolution. Data can be exported in a Excel compatible format.


Geotechnical drilling

The system can be used to measure all relevant parameters with a very high accuracy. The system is ready for all geotechnical drill methods used in the Nordic countries. Also CPT/SPT and other kind of drill methods are included. The system is self learning and you can create your own methods.


Well drill logging

Our system for logging data when drilling wells will help you to optimize production. Our regular system comes with logging and presentation of drill speed and drill depth but other parameters can be added on request. Creation of protocol is also supported.