20 ton pusher

20 ton pusher

The perfect choice!

Our CPT pusher unit is a perfect choice if you need 20 ton pusher capacity from a small and flexible yet affordable unit.
It is small enough to be transported on a pick-up truck or on a trailer and the anchoring system, operated by two persons, will anchor the pusher in all types of soils.

The two hydraulic cylinders have a stroke of > 1 m so you can push 1 meter rods in one stroke.

This pusher is the second generation pusher sold by Envi. It succeeds the successful pusher manufactured in Thailand that was earlier resold by Envi.

The pusher is developed and manufactured in Sweden.


Products to be used in conjuction with the pusher

Envilogger C2
  • BlueTooth™ powered data transfer
  • BlueTooth™ powered sound data
  • Meets IP67
  • Operating temperature is -20 ̊C to 60 ̊C.
  • Input voltage 9-36 VDC.
  • Electronical UPS-functionality
  • Memocone acoustic mode supported (built in)
  • Supports CAN 2.0A and 2.0B
  • File format SGF/STD or CSV

Envilogger C2

You can buy a PC of your own choice or order one from us to get it delivered together with the system.
All required software are installed, tested and verified if you choose our suggested solution.
Our tablet PC's are operating the Windows 10 system.

CPT rods
  • Tempered steel
  • 1 meter + thread size (40mm)
  • 6,5kg per unit
cpt rods

Ofcourse, our CPTu should be the obvious choice for your site investigations.

  • Works with both
    • Cable mode
    • Acoustic mode
    • Seismic system
  • The CPTu complete package contains all you need to get started right away
Memocone CPTu

Field test

20 ton pusher - option without transport cart

This option lets you decide where to put the 20 ton pusher. The pusher unit and the hydraulic engine are separated from each other giving you more freedom installing the pusher.

The operating procedure is almost identical to the 20 ton pusher with the frame/undercarriage. Anchoring the pusher is obviously the main thing that differ. Please get in touch with us to discuss your questions and maybe let us give you ideas.