20 ton pusher

20 ton Compact Crawler

Heavy duty, lightweight!

Our 20 ton CPT pusher unit is a perfect choice if you need 20 ton push capacity from a small and flexible yet affordable machine!

The machine offers 20 ton push force with a weight well under 1000 kg, so you can tow it on a trailer be- hind a regular car. Small dimensions enable access to narrow places. Anchoring the machine using the two augers is easy in most types of soils. Auger extension rods can be added. The rod rack can store up to 40 1m rods.

The machine is intended for CPT and Vane shear test. Push functions can be controlled from the manoeuv- re pulpit or by using levers mounted on the hydraulic valves. In automated CPT mode the probe is pushed with constant speed (0-40 mm/s) regardless of ground resistance.

Wide belts make it suitable for tasks where the ground is soft and this also minimizes ground damage on e.g. lawns. If you need to traverse very slippery ground the belts can be provided with spikes.

When you relocate the machine you use the handle bar to steer it. Pull the handle bar to the right to turn right and vice versa. On the handle bar you also find the throttle, an emergency stop and a parking brake.

The pusher is developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Technical Specification

  • Weight: approx 1250 kg (fully loaded with rods and liquids)
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 200x107x157
  • Honda GX390
  • 11,7 HP / 8,7 kW
  • Max RPM: 2800
  • Max torque: 200Nm
  • 12V battery
Hydraulic pump
  • Turolla Open Circuit Gear
  • SNP2NN/06
  • Displacement 6.0 cm3/rev
  • Max nominal/operation pressure: 250 Bar
  • Max pressure peak: 280 Bar
  • Minimum speed at 0-100 bar: 600 rpm
  • Minimum speed at 100-180 bar: 1200 rpm
  • Min. speed at 180 bar to rated pressure: 1400 rpm
  • Maximum speed: 4000 rpm
  • Hydraulic tank: 30 liters
  • Danfoss and other high end components used
  • Max push force: 20 ton
  • Max pull force: 25 ton
  • Rod rack for up to 40pcs 1 meter CPT rods
  • Automatic constant CPT speed
  • Stroke 1,1 meters
  • Push tower max over tilt: 10 degress
  • Auger engines 1800 Nm <30 RPM
  • Anchoring auger extension rods available



Products to be used in conjuction with the pusher

Envilogger C2


  • BlueTooth™ data transfer between logger and PC
  • Meets IP67
  • Operating temperature is -20 ̊C to 60 ̊C.
  • Input voltage 9-36 VDC.
  • Electronical UPS-functionality (the C2 stays operational with voltage drops to ~5VDC with the built in PCB developed by Envi)
  • Memocone CPTu acoustic mode supported (built in)
  • Supports CAN 2.0A and 2.0B

Envilogger C2

57121 (Durabook R11 Tablet PC, PC-only)

57122 (Durabook R11 Tablet PC. Complete with mounting bracket installed on crawler + 12/24V DC vehicle charger)

  • DuraBook Tablet PC:
    • All required software is installed, tested and verified
    • Fully licenced (i.e NO extra licence fee)
    • Windows 10, 64bit, operating system
  • PC of your own choice:
    • Licence fee not included
    • Installation support limited
  • File format: SGF/STD or CSV
CPT rods


  • High grade toughened steel
  • 1 meter + tapered thread (36mm)
  • 6,5kg per unit
cpt rods

Of course, our CPTu should be the obvious choice for your site investigations.

  • Works with
    • Cable mode
    • Acoustic mode
    • Memory mode
    • Seismic add on module
    • Resistivity/Conductivity add on module
  • The CPTu complete package contains all you need to get started right away
Memocone CPTu

Introducing the Envi Compact Crawler